Dera Ghazi Khan Board, the 10th class English paper was canceled

ڈیرہ غازی خان بورڈ کے تحت 10 ویں کلاس (English paper) کا انگلش کا آج صبح ھونے والہ پیپر منسوخ کردیا گیا ۔ پرچہ کی نئی تاریخ کا اعلان بعد میں کیا جائے گانوٹیفیکشن جاری

Under the Dera Ghazi Khan Board, the 10th class English paper scheduled for this morning was canceled. The new date of the leaflet will be announced later…

Chief Executive Officer (DEA) Rajanpur has immediately suspended Center Superintendent. Farzana Naheed and Deputy Superintendent Sabra Bibi for negligence, and carelessness in duty. And leak of the Jamaat-e-Daham English leaflet through WhatsApp.

Identification of the center which leaked the paper by printing watermarks with fake letters. All the staff of the examination center was changed It was identified by the relevant examination center. “Government Girls High Secondary School Dajjal (2)” was printed by the Board in watermark bold letters. Taking immediate action on this, Chief Executive Officer (DEA) Rajan Purozir Ahmed Agha, under letter no. Harland, who was posted as Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent in Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Dajjal, has been suspended. The annual examination has been formally started and the chairperson Dr. Kishore Naheed Rana has taken strict measures to make the examination process better, more systematic, and transparent. The case involves the identification of the relevant examination center. He said that often objective papers were leaked before the commencement of the examination process which made it very difficult to identify.

Matric 10th Class Morning English paper Leaked 2022

The relevant examination center was questioned by the chairperson Dr. Kishore Naheed Rana. Papers especially “Objective Question Papers” According to the relevant examination centers. It is planned to print their identities by using “watermark bold letters”. Which can be used to identify the relevant examination centers. The examination center was identified through a watermark and the center superintendent Farzana Naheed, deputy superintendent Sabra Bibi along with the supervising staff Saima Younis, Nazia Shabnam, Ghazala Firdous, Saima Sattar, Sadia Faiz were immediately replaced and new staff was appointed. The concerned department has also been informed to take action against the supervising staff. Action will be taken against 5 persons caught cheating in the morning session.